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To anyone who is interested in helping me build this place I want you to know up front that my gratitude cannot be accurately expressed. Together we are going to build something rare and exquisite.

Some people will think it is a stunningly beautiful place and some people will squinch up their noses and think it is hideously tacky and some small children will be scared enough to pee themselves and I will agree with all of them.

Maybe though just one kid will be profoundly affected, maybe enough to grow up and build a place of their own just as personal and strage. It is all I can really hope for.

One hundred years from now after I am long gone, some county official is going to try and tear the place down and people will argue and make a committee to save it and print up t-shirts. They may win or they may lose but I guarantee it will break at least one bulldozer before it is gone all together.

Who says you can't buy immortality?

There are three main ways for the interested party to help if they are so inclined: labor, materials or cash.

LABOR: If you are interested in throwing your back into it I say great! You can come for a half hour or a month, whatever suits you and we can gauge your talents at that time and put you where you are best utilized. I cannot unfortunately offer anyone pay for their services at this time although I will overfeed you without hesitation. There is a plan in the works to offer college credit for students who want to intern over summers. I promise not to break anyone's spirits or bones. Just email me and let me know what you can do and how you would like to help.

MATERIALS: If you have left over materials from a project you were doing or you work in construction and have extra stuff laying about that will go into the trash anyhow, please let me know. If you are within driving distance I will come right up and gleefully take it off your hands. Another option is to look at the projects pages, every one of them has (or will eventually have) a shopping list of things I need, you are welcome to buy me a can of spray paint or a pair of work horses and have them shipped to me. I would be thrilled.

I do not have a working PO Box as of yet, that is coming soon so keep your eye here and I will post it up if you need a shipping address.

CASH: I was hesitant to offer this option but I am regretfully not independently wealthy. If I don't take people's donations when they offer this place will simply not get built. If you choose to assist us in this way I am eternally grateful however, don't go crazy. Whatever you find in the bottom of the dryer is fine.

There is a Paypal account to use for this purpose.

If you think of a new and imaginative way to assist that I have not listed here just drop me a note and let me know - thank you!

Moral support is always welcomed!

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