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A: The (future) Garden Fantasma is in Mitchell, Georgia, about an hour's drive from Macon, Augusta and Athens. It is about two hours away from Atlanta.

A: Yes, I would love for you to come see it, except there isn't anything for you to see just yet. Please keep your eyes on the projects pages for status.

A: That is a good question. Some projects will take more time than others. I am optimistically expecting completion of the first project (The Sphere) by late 2008. Please do not hold me to that date, I am a lousy judge of how long it takes to complete things – especially my own work.

A: Yes, I absolutely DO need help, thank you for asking. Some of these projects are very large and will be time-consuming. I will need assistance with labor, supplies, money, you name it and I will likely be needing it. I will eventually be establishing small housing for people who want to come and assist for a weekend or longer.
There is a Paypal account for those who wish to donate to be a part of this place. Also, there will be GF merchandise coming soon.

A: Oh, there is plenty wrong with me. If you want a peek inside the brain you are welcome to read my journal. Please be forewarned I have been known to swear occasionally. If you want to know how all of this came to be cooked up in my head in the first place you are welcome to read this story.

A: Try looking between the couch cushions.

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